Wardrobe Closets

Type of closets used in U.A.E

Walk-in closet: A Big closet that is enough to walk inside it to store objects and clothes, often this type of closets has two or three sides. Lighting, mirrors, and flooring usualy used in luxury walk-in closets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Broom closet : For lengthy items and clothes and its height is from floor to ceiling.

Coat closet : Specialy is for clothes in entrance way of homes. where the people want to take off their outside problems!. it normaly suits to store Coats, hoods and jackets. in U.A.E a coat closet is typically located in the entryway of Sitting room.

Linen closet : This type of closets is specially for bathroom, it is tall, narrow with linen material to hold towels, washcloths, sheets, and toiletries.

Spear closet : this type of closets most used to decorating the architectural slang for small space that maybe used as a closet or not.

Utility closet: A type of closet for covering main housing appliances like the heating/cooling unit and water heater, especially in apartments in Dubai and Abu dhabi.

Wall closet : This type of closets is very shallow in a room made by a curtain or folding doors, with only enough depth to hang clothes or store them folded on shelves.

Water closet: it is a cabint in toilets to keep and hold a flush toilet and a space for putting other objects like brushes, mirror, ...

Wardrobe : A closets that is really a furniture to store clothes. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi for closets Usually terms like walk-in-wardrobe, or walk-in-robe, is used instead.